Virgin TV Anywhere Comes To Android, WiFi Only And No KitKat For Now


Virgin TV Anywhere

Virgin Media launch their answer to Sky Go on Android devices

Virgin Media customers have long been envious of Sky subscribers who've been streaming live TV on their Android smartphones for almost 2 years. But the good news is that the Virgin TV Anywhere application is now available to download on Android smartphones and tablets.


The Virgin TV Anywhere application enables Virgin Media customers with TiVo to watch up to 67 channels on their mobile device. But there are some limitations with the current build; it doesn't currently support Android KitKat and you can only use it when connected to a WiFi network.


Most major smartphones and tablets are supported, with the majority able to stream live TV. Even without live streaming the application is still worth downloading because you can control your TiVo box remotely. Setting up new recordings, viewing the TV guide and even deleting content - it's all possible with the Virgin TV Anywhere app.

The full list of compatible Android devices are listed here. And you can download the application from Google Play here. And it's also already available for iPhone, iPod and iPad on iTunes.


Is it a coincidence that Virgin have made their new app available a couple of days before Sky launch their new Sky Go application for tablets?

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By Simon Thomas on 02nd December, 2013

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