Spotify to launch free mobile music option


Spotify’s mobile music streaming service for phones and tablets has so far only been available to Premium account subscribers who pay £9.99p a month for the service.


Currently, Spotify is only available free on desktop. However, that’s all about to change according to a report from the Wall Street Journal which says that it will soon be available for free to users of iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 phones and tablets.


WSJ say that an ad-supported mobile service will be offered with adverts appearing every three or four songs, just like with the free desktop version.


The free mobile service will not offer unlimited access but provide a limited number of tracks on demand. In addition, based on the users listening habits there will be custom playlists and radio stations to enjoy.


Spotify has confirmed a media event in New York on the 11th December so we will get the full lowdown then.



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By Kevin Thomas on 09th December, 2013

Tags: Spotify

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