Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite Inbound in 2014


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite Inbound in 2014


The Samsung  Galaxy Note 3 (pictured above) sold over 10 million units in its first 60 days on sale, so its no surprise to learn that a Lite version is well underway.


According to ETNews Samsung is reported to has already begun manufacturing the Galaxy Note 3 Lite and intends to launch it as early as possible in 2014. The Korean source added that Samsung expects the Galaxy Note 3 Lite to account for 30% of all sales within the Note 3 range.


Interestingly, the Galaxy Note 3 Lite will come the same sized 5.7 inch display as the Note 3, but will feature a cheaper LCD display as opposed to the Super AMOLED display present on the Note 3. No details were leaked on whether it would still run at a 1080p resolution (1920*1080 pixels), but we've got our fingers crossed.


The only other information revealed was that the main camera will drop from 13MP down to 8MP and that there will be 2 colour options for the Note 3 Lite - Black and white. But other areas of the smartphone are also likely to be compromised in order to keep down the price of the phablet.


It's great news to hear that the Galaxy Note 3 Lite is in production, but the success of the phablet depends on how much cheaper it'll be than the fully-fledged Galaxy Note 3, and whether it'll retain Samsung's acclaimed S-Pen interface.


Do you see the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite as a useful addition to the range? Let us know below.


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By Kevin Thomas on 13th December, 2013

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