Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Joins 10 Million Seller Club


Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Korea has released sales figures for the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which seems to show that a lot of people like the oversized 5.7 inch phablet. The Galaxy Note 3 launched on 25th September in 58 countries.


The Galaxy Note 3 sold over 10 million units in its first 60 days across the globe. Of course, these will not only include sales to customers but also sales to operators and retailers who will be holding stock.


Samsung say it took the Galaxy Note 2 four months in 2012 to achieve the same sales figures and nine months in 2010 for the original Galaxy Note.


Samsung say customers like the big screen phablet’s  multitasking capabilities and the ease of text input with the S Pen.


Samsung Tomorrow has produced a graphic of its top selling phones for the last 12 years. This is called the “10 million seller club” and in 2013 only two phones achieved sales of 10 million. The first is the Note 3, the other the Galaxy S4.


It took the Galaxy S4 50 days to hit the magical 10 million sales figure and this clearly shows how well the Note 3 has sold. It took only 10 more days for the Note 3 to hit 10 million than the Galaxy S4.


We reviewed the Galaxy Note 3 back in October when our reviewer commented “Its sharp 5.7in HD display, 13MP snapper and great performance all appeal – and the S-Pen and creativity options make it stand out from the crowd."


It will be interesting to see how many sales the Galaxy Note 3 can achieve in the next month or so, we will be sure to keep track of this. Who thinks the Note 3 can go on to sell another 10 million? Let us know your thoughts below.


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By Kevin Thomas on 10th December, 2013

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