O2 Slashes Xperia Z and BlackBerry Z10 Prices


Sony Xperia Z

O2 have now slashed the prices of the Sony Xperia Z and the BlackBerry Z10 making both smartphones an even more appealing buy. Presumably, they've reduced the prices in order to clear stock ahead of the influx of new devices that will be unveiled at CES and MWC at the start of next year.


The Sony Xperia Z (pictured above) has seen it's upfront price slashed from £99 to just £29.99 on O2's £27 a month plan. That gets you 600 minutes, unlimited minutes and 750MB of 3G data with the 'Airtime Plan' costing £12 a month and the 'Phone Plan' costing £15 a month.


BlackBerry's Z10 is even cheaper and is available on the same tariff for just £22 a month with the smartphone now coming free (reduced from £99.99). The 'Airtime Plan' costs £12 a month, but the 'Phone Plan' is reduced to just £10 a month over a 24 month period.


Head on over to the O2 Store to take advantage of these great news deals.


O2 Refresh? Airtime Plan? Phone Plan? Huh.


O2 Refresh is a new type of tariff introduced by O2 that gives customers more flexibility to upgrade to the latest smartphone earlier.


Plans are now made of an 'Airtime Plan' and a 'Phone Plan', with the former getting you your included content and the latter effectively covering the cost of the phone.

Customers who want to upgrade to a new smartphone at anytime in their contract can do so by paying off the remaining 'Phone Plan' rather than having to stump up the combined cost. Those who keep their phones after the end of the contract will also save because they'll then only have to pay the 'Airtime Plan'.


You can learn more about O2 Refresh over on the O2 Store.


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By Simon Thomas on 17th December, 2013

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