O2 Refresh spiced up with 25% discount for existing customers



O2 has begun a new service for existing customers called Speed to Refresh, which offers existing customers the opportunity to switch to a Refresh contract with a 25% discount.


O2 Refresh was launched earlier in the year with the aim of giving its customers the opportunity to change their device in mid-contract to one of the latest ones available.


The main benefit of O2 Refresh is that the cost is split between two contracts. One for airtime and one for the handset. Anyone looking to upgrade can pay off the existing handset costs but keep the existing airtime contract.


O2 has now introduced its Speed to Refresh deal and is offering a 25% discount for existing Pay Monthly customers who move from their existing contract to Refresh . To qualify for the offer you need to have an existing smartphone contract dated between January 1st 2011 and March 31st 2013.


Customers that qualify will get 25% off what they owe on their existing contract to switch Refresh. Those with longer contracts will save more which could save up to £185.


O2 customers can check to see if they qualify here O2 Refresh


"Our customers love O2 Refresh and since we launched it more than 95% of customers who could buy O2 Refresh have chosen to. Our existing customers have been asking us to make it even easier for them to buy O2 Refresh and we think Speed to Refresh will be perfect for them." said Gary Booker, O2's interim Marketing and Consumer Director.


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By Kevin Thomas on 06th December, 2013

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