O2 drops 4G tariff prices and offers some 3G customers a free 4G upgrade



O2 4G


O2 has announced that it has rolled out 4G to more cities and towns, introduced lower priced 4G tariffs and that it will be offering some 3G customers a free upgrade to 4G.


The first part of the triple announcement confirms that O2 4G’s mobile network now covers 33% of the UK population and has been launched in 13 cities and 130 surrounding towns. This has been achieved six weeks ahead of schedule.


O2 4G has so far been launched in : Birmingham, Bradford, Coventry, Edinburgh , Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle , Sheffield, London and Nottingham.


The second part introduces a new cheaper range of tariffs for pay monthly and SIM only plans. These bring more data for less money.


O2's Pay monthly Refresh tariffs now start from £17 per month with 1GB of mobile data all the way up to £27 for 8GB.. If those prices seem a bit low it’s because you also have to factor in the cost of the handset. This comes on a separate contract and costs an additional £5 to £15 a month. The above also include unlimited free minutes and texts.


The new 12 month SIM-only tariffs start at £21 a month for 1GB of mobile data right up to £31 a month for 8GB of data. These also offer unlimited minutes and unlimited texts.


The third part will be very well received by existing 3G customers of O2. The operator has said that some 3G customers will be entitled to a free upgrade to 4G at no extra cost.


There are some conditions. To get the free upgrade you’ll need to have an existing tariff with 1GB of mobile data or more and have a 4G Ready phone.


If you find yourself on the right tariff but don’t have a 4G Ready phone then O2 can organise an upgrade via a Refresh Contract. This gets you a compatible 4G phone and 25% off your current airtime contract.


Have you heard that Three may buy O2 UK ? Read about it here : Three predicted to bid for O2 UK in 2014


Are you one of the lucky ones who can get a free upgrade to 4G? Let us know below.

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By Kevin Thomas on 12th December, 2013

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