Nokia To Launch First Android Smartphone In 2014?


Nokia Normandy

A Nokia Android smartphone...really? Apparently so.

In a strange turn of events it looks as though Nokia, who've been the main supporter of the Windows Phone platform and are in the process of being bought by Microsoft, will launch their first Android smartphone next year.

At least that's according to rumours being reported by TheVerge, who claim that Nokia have been testing an Android smartphone code-named the Nokia Normandy, which is expected to launch sometime in 2014.


Multiple sources familiar with Nokia's plans reported that the Nokia Normandy will be an entry level smartphone, similar to a Nokia Asha device, that will run on a 'forked' version of Android.


Basically, that means they use the base open-source Android code and develop it independently, thereby removing the reliance on Google entirely. It's an approach already used successfully by Amazon in their Kindle range of tablets.


In a separate leak Twitter user EVLeaks has posted the first image of the Nokia Normandy (posted above). Nothing spectacular can be gleaned from the picture, it looks like any other Nokia smartphone. In-fact, when the image initially leaked it was thought to be a new Nokia Asha device.

What about Microsoft?


Nokia are currently in the process of being bought by Microsoft which makes the launch of a Nokia Android smartphone particularly peculiar.


Presumably, the decision was made before the deal was put forward and it's unlikely that Microsoft would be keen to continue launching Android-powered Nokia devices once the deal is complete.


We can't help being a little doubtful about the launch of a Nokia Android smartphones and we'll only truly believe it when we see concrete proof. But Nokia have hinted at the possibility of launching Android smartphones in the past and it's undoubtedly a great platform for entry-level smartphones.


Could the Nokia Normandy be the first and last Nokia device to run on the Android platform? Or will Nokia drop the Series 40 platform in favour of the Android platform on their Asha range?


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By Simon Thomas on 11th December, 2013

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