Nokia Camera app coming to all Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphones


Nokia announced the Nokia Camera app back in October at Nokia World 2013. At that time the Nokia Camera app was only available on Pureview devices, such as the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520.


Nokia has now confirmed that it will bring the Nokia Camera app to all Lumia devices with Windows Phone 8 that have Lumia Amber or Lumia Black installed.


The company has begun a Nokia Camera beta trial over at Nokia Beta Labs. To take part in the trial head over to Nokia Beta Labs where you can sign up. They have not stated how long the Beta trial will last, but it's likely to last a couple of months at least.


One of the first tasks for Nokia during the beta phase will be to ensure that it is compatible across the whole range of Lumia devices. Over the period of the Beta phase, Nokia is likely to introduce a number of bug fixes and updates to the app.


Once the Beta testing has been completed the company will add the validated Nokia Camera app to the Windows Phone store.


The revised Nokia Camera app will be compatible with the Lumia 520, Lumia 521, Lumia 620, Lumia 625, Lumia 720, Lumia 810, Lumia 820, and Lumia 822.


What Is Nokia Camera App?


The Nokia Camera application was specifically designed for Lumia smartphones and combines the Nokia Pro Cam with the best of Nokia Smart Cam into a single all-encompassing application.


“The auto mode makes it easy for anyone to capture great images with ease, and provides quick access to sport and night controls. And when you want to create that perfect composition, manual mode offers controls for exposure, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and focus".


"There's also smart sequence, which quickly shoots a series of photos that can be combined in different ways. You can emphasize motion, remove moving objects or show action using a strobe effect. You can also change faces in group shots so that everyone has their eyes open".


Are you one of the Nokia Camera beta trialists? Share your expierence with the app so far by leaving a comment below.


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By Kevin Thomas on 17th December, 2013

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