Nike Smartwatch Limbers Up For 2014 Release


Nike+ Watch

Nike set to join smartwatch revolution?


The success of the Nike+ Sportwatch (pictured above) was one of the major contributing factors in the mobile manufacturers decision to develop smartwatches.


Already this year we've seen Samsung launch the Galaxy Gear and Sony the Smartwatch 2. And a number of other mobile manufacturers are rumoured to be releasing smartwatches in the next year including HTC, Google and even Apple.


Now it looks like Nike could be about to join the party by launching their own smartwatch. At least that's the information being reported by Digitimes who cited sources inside Taiwanese supply chains.


Apparently, early production runs on the wearable computing solution are already taking place at assembly plants in Taiwan. With the smartwatch set to go on to be released in the first half of 2014.


The launch of a Nike smartwatch would be a direct answer to their competitor Adidas, who recently released their own fitness smartwatch running a modified version of Android.


Adidas's miCoach accessory can connect to smartphones with complementary applications available on Android, iOS and even Windows Phone 8. However, it can't make calls or run external apps because it's built solely for fitness purposes.


The rumoured Nike smartwatch is likely to be a very similar affair, with the devices display and sensors used to monitor and plan every aspect of your workout. It's likely to be supplemented by mobile apps and will be capable of connecting to smartphones - but don't expect to be able to call or text.


It's possible that Nike's new smartwatch could be an improved version of their FuelBand fitness accessory, which is compatible with Apple's iOS devices.


The current Nike FuelBand doesn't have a touch-screen and has a very limited LED display, but it is more than half the price of the Adidas miCoach which costs a whopping £350.


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By Simon Thomas on 09th December, 2013

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