Motorola Moto G joins Android KitKat club


Motorola Moto G

Android 4.4.2 is now rolling out for the Moto G


Motorola promised they would roll-out Android KitKat to the Moto G by early 2014 and they've been true to their word.


They've now confirmed that Android KitKat (4.4.2) has begun rolling out to the Moto G in the US and Brazil. They also added that 'more regions will follow very soon', so it shouldn't be too long before it lands in the UK.


Motorola, who are now owned by Google, have helpfully also revealed what exclusive new features and improvements the chocolate-themed update brings to their great value smartphone.


  • Enhanced Touchless Control - A new feature introduced by Google which enables users to ask directions, set an alarm and ask simple voice questions without having to touch or unlock your smarpthone. Don't worry it's safe and secure.
  • Improve Camera Expierence - New enhancements including 'Drag to Focus and Expose' and the ability to lock exposure during Panoramic shots.
  • Improved Active Display - A couple of bugs have been resolved and it now drains even less battery than before.

Owners of the Moto G will also benefit from the all the new features and improvements of Android KitKat. You can learn all about Android KitKat in our guide to the operating system here.


The Motorola Moto G already ranks highly in our chart of our best Android smartphones released in 2013 and the fact that it's got Android KitKat so soon is just another feather in its cap.


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By Simon Thomas on 20th December, 2013

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