LG G Flex Spreads Its Wings, Coming To The UK Soon


LG G Flex

At a press event in Hong Kong LG have announced that their curvy LG G Flex will launch in both Singapore and Hong Kong later this month.


The innovative device will then go on to roll-out in other markets shortly after, with LG previously stating at a press event that it'll be available in Europe, America and Asia. Therefore, we should see the LG G Flex available to buy in the UK early next year.


The biggest indicator of exactly when the smartphone will land in Blighty comes from Orange France, who've confirmed that the LG G Flex will land in their region in February. And it doesn't seem unreasonable to assume it'll rollout in the UK at a similar time.


What about price? Well, the LG G Flex won't come cheap because it's a high-end smartphone which incorporates some pioneering technology, not least the curved 6 inch display and its self-healing coating.


To give you an idea of the expected price it costs the equivalent of £584 in Korea.


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By Simon Thomas on 04th December, 2013

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