iPhone 6 concept highlights wraparound screen


iPhone 6 wraparound

Everyone is keen to find out as much as possible about the forthcoming iPhone 6 and we have covered a number of leaks and rumours so far.


The latest pitch on things is a neat concept that shows how the iPhone 6 could look with a wraparound display screen. You can check it out for yourself in the picture above and the video below.


In the concept, produced by Russian designer Iskander Utebayev, the display can be seen travelling around one side and across the front. The side of the wraparound display would then feature a number of touch-screen controls for the most common smartphone features: including volume, music playback and the camera.



We love the new concept, but see a couple of potential issues with the design. Firstly, we have our doubts about the durability of the display should it be dropped. And we also wonder how Apple would overcome the problem of accidental key presses caused by a user holding the smartphone.


But we can't fault the aesthetic appeal of the new concept design. It's a beautiful design and we hope Apple unveil an iPhone 6 this good looking when they unveil their latest creation next year.


Let us know your thoughts on Iskander Utebayev's iPhone 6 Concept below.


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By Kevin Thomas on 02nd December, 2013

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