Instagram App Gets Private Sharing and Direct Messaging


Instagram Direct

Share photos with individuals and start conversations with Instagram Direct.


Instagram now has over 150 million users across the world who've captured, edited and shared images on the image-uploading service. And the service just got even better with the launch of Instagram Direct.


When Instagram first launched it was primarily used by photographers to showcase their latest snaps, but it's now used by the wider public - in no small part due to the stylish filters you can apply to photos. As a result the service is constantly evolving to tailor to the needs of its ever-changing user-base.


The latest addition to the service is Instagram Direct which lets users share photos and videos with single users on Instagram. It's perfect for photos that are that bit more 'private' and not suitable for viewing by the wider public - infact, you can only share 'Direct' with those who follow you.


Instagram Direct gets even better because once you've shared your snaps directly with users (up to a maximum of 15) they can start a private conversation about the snap with you. You can watch the conversation develop in real-time and naturally you'll also be able to see who has liked your latest snap.


Using Instagram Direct is pretty intuitive and you can check it out in action in the video posted below. It's included in the latest versions of the Instagram applications for iOS on iTunes and Android on Google Play. The Windows Phone version is currently in beta and is yet to get the feature.



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By Simon Thomas on 16th December, 2013

Tags: Instagram

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