HTC One mini sales banned or not, decision to be made tommorrow


HTC One mini

HTC will find out tomorrow the fate of its HTC One mini sales ban.


There is an on-going patent dispute between Nokia and HTC which resulted in the HTC One mini being banned from sale in the UK by the High Court of Justice for copyright infringement.


The patent dispute upheld by the Judge at the start of December ruled that HTC processor chips had infringed on Nokia’s patents with regard specifically to ‘modular structure for a transmitter and a mobile station’


The UK ban began on the 6th December but HTC appealed and it was lifted pending a revisiting of the case on the 12th December.


Currently, retailers are able to sell the HTC One mini up until the 12th provided they are currently held in stock. They cannot order new stock from HTC, pending the outcome of tomorrow’s hearing.


HTC will hear tomorrow if they can continue to sell the HTC One mini or whether it will be banned from doing so until the full appeal process is concluded. If HTC's appeal is unsuccessful then the smartphone could be banned permanently or HTC may be forced to change its design.


So if you’re thinking of buying the HTC One mini anytime soon then today and tomorrow could be your last chance for some time.


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By Kevin Thomas on 11th December, 2013

Tags: HTC One Mini

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