HTC One Mini Banned from 6th December


HTC One Mini

HTC will stop selling the HTC One Mini in the UK from the 6th December as a UK court upheld Nokia’s submission that HTC had infringed patents owned by the Finish Company.


Justice Richard Arnold of the England and Wales High Court had reviewed the case in October and ruled that the HTC One Mini and the HTC One contained microchips which infringe upon Nokia’s patents. This was relating to "modulator structure for a transmitter and a mobile station”


The Judge supported Nokia’s case and ruled that HTC cannot continue to infringe the patent. However, as banning the HTC One would cause severe financial loss for HTC the Judge ruled that this will not be banned peding an appeal.


However, the less popular HTC One Mini was banned as the Judge ruled that HTC had launched it even though they were aware that a copyright infringement claim was in the system.


Nokia told the press "pending the appeal, HTC has undertaken not to ship any more of the infringing products into the UK, except the HTC One, which it may continue to sell until the conclusion of any appeal."


"If HTC does not succeed on appeal, the injunction will take effect on all infringing products. Nokia is also claiming financial compensation for the infringement of this patent."


Those wanting a HTC One Mini should act quickly before retailers remove it from their stores and websites. 3G thinks a flash sale before the ban comes into effect would be a good idea.


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By Kevin Thomas on 04th December, 2013

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