Samsung Sweeten Up Galaxy S3 Owners With Android 4.3 Re-release


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Second time lucky for Galaxy S3 owners?

Samsung have confirmed that they've begun rolling out a revised version of Android Jelly Bean (4.3) for the Samsung Galaxy S3.


Hopefully, things go more smoothly this time around after Samsung were forced to halt the rollout of the original release last month. Those who installed Jelly Bean on the Galaxy S3 reported a multitude of problems including poor battery life, random freezes and stuttering.


In an official statement Samsung stated: "The fix for the issues with Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean 4.3 upgrade has begun rolling out to selected users in the UK, and will continue to do so."


They also added that "Specific upgrade schedules will vary by mobile operators. Please check your phone for the upgrade."


Initially, it'll only be available to SIM-free owners of Samsung's smartphone - with those with operator-branded handsets having to wait for their network to approve the update.

Affected users will be thrilled to hear about the release of the fix, but you have to question why the update was released before it was ready. Speculation suggests that Samsung were keen to roll-out the update as quickly as possible to add support for its much-criticised Galaxy Gear smartwatch


Have you managed to get the fixed version of Android Jelly Bean on the Galaxy S3? Are you having any problems after updating? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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By Simon Thomas on 09th December, 2013

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