Free 0800 calls coming to mobile, but not quite yet



OFCOM have come up trumps for consumers again by announcing that from 2015 consumers will no longer have to pay to make 0800, 0808 or 116 numbers from mobile phones.


Having to pay for calls intended to be free is a very common complaint from mobile customers and in the last couple of years it's become even more of a problem, as more and more people choose not to have a landline at all.

Details on the exact working of the free calls are yet to be announced, but OFCOM are kicking-off a campaign to make customers aware that "'freephone will mean free'". So presumably the calls won't be taken from your monthly allowance and you won't need any credit on your smartphone.


Why do we have to wait until 2015? Well, the ability to make free calls on mobile is going to put an increasing strain on mobile networks. Consequently OFCOM have given the mobile operators a couple of years to prepare their networks to deal with the increased demand.


In addition to free calls OFCOM are also putting in new regulations to govern how operators deal with premium call numbers. They'll now need to be more transparent, revealing how much the service charge will be and the exact price per minute.


It's undoubtedly great news to be able to make free calls to 0800 numbers on mobiles, but could it lead to influx of prank calls from younger mobile users which could ultimately crowd-up networks and cost businesses money?


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By Simon Thomas on 16th December, 2013

Tags: Ofcom

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