EE Targets 4G Roaming For Visitors to the UK


EE 4G Roaming


EE has confirmed that it is has announced the first 4G LTE roaming agreement in the UK. This will let AT&T’s North American customers hook up to EE’s 4G mobile network when they visit the UK.


The new agreement with AT&T will come into effect early next year although EE did not confirm an exact date.


EE say they are the best choice for inbound international roaming as they have the most comprehensive 4G mobile network, which has now been rolled out to 160 towns and cities.


International roaming customers will benefit from average downloads speeds of between 24-30Mbps in major cities. This is because EE has “double speed” 4G already launched in 20 major cities including London. Outside of these cities speeds with standard 4G will be nearer 12-15Mbps.


Olaf Swantee, CEO, EE commented: “Technology is not just shaping how people book and research holidays; but what they look for when they are choosing a country to visit. From finding their way to local landmarks, to avoiding the Oxford street crowds by shopping on their tablet, tourists are increasingly looking for fast and reliable mobile experiences when they travel abroad".


EE confirmed that a number of other partnerships were in the pipeline which are also due to launch early next year.


It will be interesting to see if other partners from North America will participate or whether AT&T has agreed an exclusive deal with EE.


Did you know EE are trialing "quad-speed" 4G?

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By Kevin Thomas on 19th December, 2013

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