EE Set New Benchmarks for Call Quality and Reliability


EE 4G call quality

EE has so far launched its 4G mobile network in 160 towns and cities in the UK offering superfast downloads, but voice calls still havn't made the jump because they are still made over 3G or even 2G networks.


However, EE havn't forgotten about the importance of the mobile call experience because they've announced they've been busy improving call quality and reliability in 2013 and will continue to make further improvements next year.


The mobile operator has already updated 20 year old 2G equipment on over 6,000 sites to reduce the number of lost calls by 50%. They've also increased the call handling capacity on 1,600 3G sites to support 50% more calls than before.


The company will go on to spend an additional £275 million in 2014 to upgrade another 5,000 old 2G sites and increase capacity on a further 5,500 3G sites.


EE plan to introduce new benchmarks for voice call quality and reliability, targeting a dropped call rate of just 0.5%. They currently handle over one billion calls a week and are enjoying their highest ever call success rate of 99.2%.


Olaf Swantee, CEO of EE commented “While we consistently outperform on the standard UK benchmark for voice call quality and reliability, I don’t believe the benchmark is right. I think the UK mobile industry can do better, and we intend to improve the experience for our customers, taking our quality and reliability to levels to those achieved by other operators across Europe".


EE will also commence a trial of 4G voice calls (VoLTE) and voice over Wi-Fi calls during 2014. Once implemented this will bring a major improvement to voice call quality to customers, so you'll be able to hear your loved ones in crystal-clear HD audio.

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By Kevin Thomas on 16th December, 2013

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