EE launches 4G LTE-Advanced trial in London



EE has made the latest move to bring its 4G mobile network up to 4G-LTE Advanced (4G LTE-A) standards by launching a trial within Tech City, in East London. The announcement was made by Prime Minister, David Cameron.


Tech City, also known as Silicone Roundabout, houses around 1,300 tech start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs. EE has invested £3.6 million pounds in Tech City, in the last 6 months, to provide it with its own 4G mobile network.


Tech City was the first to trial EE’s double speed 4G back in July and it's now available in 20 cities across the UK. Double speed 4G offers theoretical download speeds of 150Mbs with real world download speeds of 24-30Mbps.


The lucky businesses within Tech City now get theoretical download speeds of 300Mbps with 4G LTE A (quad-speed 4G). Tech City will be using a “closed network” not accessible to others.


Tech City and EE are effectively proving the technology before it begins to roll out 4G LTE-A across the UK later in 2014. When 4G LTE-A does land in the UK it will be worth the wait because it's around twenty times as fast as standard 3G and four times as quick as standard 4G.


David Cameron commented “We are competing in a global race and I am absolutely determined to make Britain the best place in the world in which to start and grow a business. The world of business is changing rapidly and one of the most promising opportunities for new jobs and growth lies within a new wave of high growth, highly innovative digital businesses".


"This is why, as part of our plan to help Britain succeed, we established Tech City UK to support the creation of a technology cluster in East London and committed to help these businesses to become cornerstones of our economy".


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By Kevin Thomas on 09th December, 2013

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