BlackBerry Messenger to come pre-installed on LG phones


LG G Pro Lite

BlackBerry has announced that Blackberry Messenger will come pre-installed on a number of LG phones out of the box.


The first of these will be the LG G Pro Lite, a 5.5 inch Android phablet unveiled in October which is still yet to be confirmed as coming to the UK.


BlackBerry has also confirmed that other up and coming LG phones will come with BBM pre-installed, but has not listed which phones exactly will these will be.


“People across the globe are using BBM to connect with each other and the enthusiasm has been phenomenal,” said Andrew Bocking, Executive Vice President for BBM at BlackBerry. “We’re extremely pleased that LG Electronics will help bring their customers a more seamless experience with BBM by preloading the app, starting with the G Pro Lite in key markets.”


BlackBerry also reconfirmed that BBM will still be free to download via Android app stores, including Google Play. The application launched in October, on Android and iOS and hit over 10 million downloads in the first 24 hours.


They also confirmed that the BBM service will continue to receive updates over the coming months, this will include adding support for BBM Video calling, BBM Voice calling and BBM Channels.


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Did you know that BlackBerry Music has launched in the UK?

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By Kevin Thomas on 19th December, 2013

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