Asus to unveil dual-boot Tablet and 3 new Smartphones at CES 2014


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CES 2014 officially begins a week today and Asus have begun hyping up their offerings at the event in Las Vegas by releasing a couple of teaser videos.


The first CES 2014 teaser video features the Statue Of Liberty holding a tablet which changes colour from green to blue and the video comes attached with the tagline 'Green Or Blue? One or Two?'.



That's widely believed to be referring to a new Asus tablet that will dual-boot between the Google Android platform (synonymous with the colour green) and the Windows platform (normally associated with blue).


Asus already showed their love for devices with multiple operating systems when they launched the Transformer Book Trio earlier this year. The novel device could act as an Android tablet, Windows 8 tablet or even a desktop PC.


Earlier this month they filed to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the US for the release of 3 new tablets: an Android tablet, a Windows tablet and a dual-boot tablet. So it's looking pretty nailed-on that Asus will unveil a dual-boot tablet at the event.



The Taiwanese company also released a second similarly cryptic CES 2014 teaser.


This time around the video features phone keypad noises and then from the sky a whole host of colour balls rain down from the sky. They are labelled with either the number 4, 5, or 6, which presumably refers to the screen sizes of 3 new Asus smartphones.


That's all we know for now, so we'll have to wait until early next week to find out more. Asus will be hosting a pre-CES media event on January 6th and 3G will bring you all the news from the gathering as it happens.

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By Simon Thomas on 31st December, 2013

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