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ZTE Launching High-End Smartphone In January

By Simon Thomas on 14th December 2012

ZTE is a company whose roots lie in the affordable smartphone market , but it looks like they may be about to branch out into the premium market.


ZTE's global chief design director Hagen Fendler has told IGN News that the company will be unveiling a new premium device at CEO 2013. The event, which takes place in January, will apparently "be a starting point of a new design era for ZTE".


Earlier in the month we heard about a device code-named the ZTE Nubia Z5 (pictured above) , which is set to rival the Samsung Galaxy Note. However, Fender unveiled that ZTE will be treating the Nubia as a second brand which will work in parallel to the main ZTE brand.


At the current time we don't have anymore details about the new premium Android device that ZTE will unveil at CES 2013. However, we'd expect it to come with a touch-screen at least 4.5 inches in size and we're hopeful it'll have a quad-core processor , run on Android Jelly Bean and support 4G !


We wonder whether ZTE are starting to get ideas above their station in trying to challenge the likes of Samsung and Apple. However, to be fair to the company they have risen to the 4th best selling mobile manufacturer in the world.


Furthermore, Google's success in launching premium Android devices at a lower price-point has proven that the model works and it'll be interesting to see how ZTE fairs. As always 3G will bring you all the news from CES , including the announcement of ZTE's new smartphone, when the event begins in January.



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