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Twitter Adds Instagram-Esque Image Filters

By Simon Thomas on 11th December 2012

Twitter have now added new image filters to their iOS and Android application which enable users to easily edit images on their smartphone or tablet. The filters offered are very similar to those included in the popular Instagram application, which is also available on both the Android and iOS platforms.


Twitter are offering eight different filters which completely change the style and appearance of your photos. Filters can be applied that turn your snap black-and-white , make it look vintage and many many more.


Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, have forced Twitter to include their own image filters after they made it impossible to display their photos within Twitter messages. Currently, the only way to view Instagram photos on Twitter is on Instagram's own servers.


The announcement of Twitter's own alternate filters should make it easier for visitors and should reduce reliance of Instagram's application. However , it'll be a long and hard battle because Instagram has 100 million users worldwide,  some of whom are very passionate about the application !


Those with Android and iOS devices can download the latest Twitter application right now , which adds support for photo editing and the all-important image filters.


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