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Sony Yuga 4G Android Smartphone Leaked

By Simon Thomas on 19th December 2012

Back at the end of November we reported on rumours that Sony were planning to unveil a new flagship Android smartphone to challenge the iPhone 5 at CES 2013.


Now we've heard more details about the smartphone which is being referred to as the Sony Yuga. Infact, images of a prototype Sony Yuga have been leaked online by Russian site Mobile-Review.


What do the images tell us about the Sony Yuga ?


The photos, which can be viewed above and below, show a stylish design that is similar design to the one featured on Sony's Xperia S. We'd describe its design as minimlistic, but the Sony Yuga is rumoured to feel like a premium device.


One thing that stands-out from the images is that all of the external ports are completely covered , which could indicate that the Sony Yuga is water-proof. However, this is unconfirmed and it's possible they are present merely for cosmetic purposes.


Sony Yuga Leaked Photo


Whatever, the case we at least know that the Sony Yuga will support microSD cards and have both micro-HDMI and micro-USB ports. Additionally, we can tell that it'll have both rear-facing and front-facing cameras.


What do we know about the Sony Yuga's specification ?


The images of the prototype Sony Yuga were accompanied by details of its specification . As always with leaks we'd have to advise caution, but we're pretty confident that this particular information is reliable !


The Sony Yuga  is rumoured to have a huge 5 inch Mobile Bravia touch-screen. The display will run at a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels, or full HD, which looks set to become the standard resolution of next-gen premium smartphones.


Additionally, we've heard that the Sony Yuga will be powered by a quad-core Snapdragon processor (Qualcomm APQ8064). The clock-speed hasn't been unveiled but it'll be at least 1.5 GHz , while the Sony Yuga will also have an Adreno 320 GPU giving it amazing 3D graphics performance.


The Yuga is also expected to support 4G (4G LTE) which opens up the possibility of it becoming available on EE when it lands in the UK. EE's super-fast network is already rolling out quickly across the UK with 98 per cent coverage expected by 2014.


With so much power, an amazing display and 4G connectivity the Yuga is looking like a stunning gaming and multimedia device and we'd expect it to launch with Playstation certification. Thankfully, a 2300 mAH is rumoured to be included in the Sony Yuga , so we can expect reasonable battery life.


The final thing unveiled about the Sony Yuga is that it'll run on Android Jelly Bean with version 4.12 currently running on the prototype version. However , it could have been upgraded by the time the smartphone hits the market.


When can we expect to learn more about the Sony Yuga ?


Sony are expected to unveil the Sony Yuga at CES 2013 , which takes place in Las Vegas and starts on January 8th. This is generally where Sony unveil their flagship devices and as soon as 3G learn more about the smartphone you'll be the first to know !



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