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Samsung Galaxy S4 To Feature Unbreakable Touch-Screen ?

By Simon Thomas on 10th December 2012

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is setting all kinds of sales records and Samsung are already working on its successor , which is expected to land in the middle of 2013.


New rumours, reported by Reuters, suggest that the Galaxy S4 could come with an unbreakable touch-screen display. The feat would be achieved using plastic substrate displays and would give Samsung's device a distinct advantage over Apple's iPhone.

Scratch-resistant Gorilla glass displays have already made a huge difference to smartphones and true unbreakable displays would be an even bigger technological leap. The amount saved each year on display replacements and repairs would be truly staggering.

An even more exciting prospect in the future is unbreakable flexible OLED touch-screen displays. Samsung has been working on the technology for a couple of years already and we could see it included on the Galaxy S5 , which should launch in 2014 !

Anyway, back to reality because Reuters have also reported that Samsung's Galaxy S4 could launch in April of next year. This would ensure that it hits the market before Apple's iPhone 6 , which is expected to land in June.

So what we else do we know about the Galaxy SIV ?

Previous rumours have suggested that Samsung's flagship smartphone will come with a slimline 5 inch full HD touch-screen display. While it'll be powered by a quad-core processor, have 2GB of RAM and a stunning 13 mega-pixel camera.

As you'd expect from a next-gen smartphone it'll support 4G , as  well as NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth, DLNA and 3G. The smartphone is also expected to come pre-loaded with Android Key Lime Pie which is the next version of Google's Android platform.

3G will bring you all the news about the Samsung Galaxy S4 as it surfaces over the next couple of months.


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