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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 To Be Even Bigger ?

By Simon Thomas on 14th December 2012

When Samsung launched the original Galaxy Note back in November of 2011 it blew people away with the enormity of its touch-screen (5.3 inches). Infact, it was so unique that it coined the term "phablet" , which describes a device that sits somewhere between a smartphone and tablet.


The Galaxy Note was a huge hit and it led to an overall trend towards larger touch-screens in the smartphone world. Consequently, when Samsung released the Galaxy Note 2 it had an even larger 5.5 inch display.


Now we've heard that Samsung plans to continue the trend when it releases the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. According to information reported by the Korea Times, the next Galaxy Note will come with a whopping 6.3 inch OLED display.


Assuming this information proves correct then the Galaxy Note will be a true "phablet" , because it's moved even closer to the size of the smallest 7 inch tablets. It'll also be a full inch bigger than the Galaxy Note 2, which is already a monster.


Our worry is that Samsung might have pushed it too far this time , because we think that breaking the 6 inch barrier ill signifiantly decrease the portability of the device. However, we could be proved wrong but we can't ignore our instincts.


As soon as 3G hear anymore information about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 you'll be the first to know !

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