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Orange To Install Lookout Security On All Android Smartphones !

By Simon Thomas on 04th December 2012

Orange have announced that they will be installing Lookout security software on all of their Android smartphones sold in 2013. While , EE and T-Mobile Android owners in the UK will also get the application pre-installed.


Lookout's security software enables users to locate their smartphone after it's been lost or stolen even if the battery is dead. The software enables you to activate an alarm, lock-the-smartphone, wipe the memory and track your smartphone remotely.


However, the brilliance doesn't end there because Lookout also protects your Android smartphone from malware, which is becoming more and more prevalent on smartphones. Additionally, it can tell you which applications are sharing your location and information and stop you connecting to unsecured WiFi hotspots.


As you'd expect from any comprehensive peace of security software Lookout also comes with a backup feature. This means that you don't lose your data should your phone be misplaced, broken, stolen or disabled.


Orange also confirmed that they are likely to make it possible to add the premium version of Lookout to your mobile tariff. The premium version comes with even more comprehensive features and could be a worthwhile purchase , especially for business users.


3G will let you know when Orange have begun pre-loading Lookout onto its Android smartphones !

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