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Next-Gen iPad and iPad Mini To Have Improved Displays

By Simon Thomas on 18th December 2012

When Apple unveiled the iPad Mini one of the main criticism of the tablet was that it lacked a Retina display. The good news is that it looks like Apple are going to change this with the next iPad Mini , which should launch sometime in 2013.


Digitimes have reported that Apple are focusing on improving the display in the next-gen iPad Mini. At the current time no concrete information has been released, but it's highly likely to include a Retina display.


Apple would be smart to improve the display because the Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire already have 1280*720 pixel displays. While, the iPad Mini's display runs at 1024*768 pixels which is significantly worse than its rivals.


When you factor in the iPad Mini's higher price you can see why consumers are unhappy with the tablets display. The 2013 version of the iPad Mini is expected to keep the same 7.9 inch display, but increase the resolution to 2058-by-1536 pixels !


In related news the next-gen Apple iPad is also expected to include an improved Retina display. Sources close to the matter suggest that Apple will reduce the number of LED lights in the bar from two down to just one.


The end-result of the change will be that the iPad's display will be lighter which will reduce the overall weight of Apple's tablet.  That'll make the device more portable and will appease some of critics who claimed the tablet was too heavy carry around.


3G will be reporting on the rumours about the next-gen iPads over the coming months so keep posted !



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