LG Sells 10 Million L-Series Smartphones Worldwide


LG Optimus L9

LG have confirmed that they've now sold over 10 million Optimus L-Series smartphones across the world. That includes sales of the LG Optimus L3, Optimus L5, Optimus L7 and the Optimus L9 (pictured above) in over 50 countries across the globe.


The LG Optimus L-Series was designed to offer consumers a distinctive timeless design which sets them apart from other smartphones. The smartphone range in size with smallest being the Optimus L3 (3.2 inch touch-screen) going all the way up to Optimus L9 (4.7 inch display).


All of the LG Optimus L-Series are built with five design elements which are a Modern Square Style, Floating Mass Technology, Seamless Layout, Harmonized Design Contrast and a Sensuous Slim Shape. While, they also all support LG's UX features such as QuickMemo and QTranslator.


Even though LG have sold 10 million Optimus L-Series smartphones their performance pales in comparison to their Korean rival Samsung. Samsung have sold over 30 million Galaxy SIII smartphones alone !


The smartphone market is being dominated so heavily by Apple and Samsung that any company that manages to carve itself a niche is doing very well. So LG will be relatively pleased that their smartphones continue to account for a significant share of the Android market.


LG have also been producing a number of 4G smartphones which should pay dividends in the new emerging market. We'll bring you all the news related to LG's smartphones in the coming months.

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By Simon Thomas on 11th December, 2012

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