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Instagram Releases Improved App For iOS Devices !

By Simon Thomas on 12th December 2012

Instagram have announced that they've released a new version of their application for iOS devices. The move is just the latest step in an ongoing battle between Instagram and the social network Twitter.


The rivalry started when the Instagram stopped Twitter users linking directly to their images which in turn led to Twitter adding image filtering options to their application earlier this week. Now just a couple of days later Instagram have released a new version of their app, which can't just be a coincidence.


Version 3.2 of the Instagram adds a new image filter, which shouldn't come as much of a surprise. The new image filter is called "Willow" and gives pictures a Christmassy look. However, that's just the start because the new version adds a whole host of other new features.


Firstly, you'll now notice Instagram-themed shutter and shutter release buttons , which is a nice cosmetic improvement. Additionally, you can now view a preview of your most recent photo on your camera roll , while the iPhone 5 benefits from an improved camera roll image selector.


Image editing has been made even easier thanks to the inclusion of an optional grid-guide for live photos and a permanent grid-guide on the scale and crop screen. The "Tilt-Shift" feature has also been significantly improved and now gives more realistic rendering of depth of field !


Version 3.2 of the Instagram application also includes a stunning welcome screen design , a redesigned news feed and Foursquare integration. The whole application benefits from speed and performance improvements, while filtered photos are now stored in a separate folder !


You can download the latest version of Instagram on iOS devices by clicking here !

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