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HTC M7 - Flagship Android Smartphone To Be Unveiled At MWC 2013

By Simon Thomas on 19th December 2012

Earlier in the month we revealed that HTC were working on a new flagship Android smartphone known as the HTC M7. Now more details about the smartphone have surfaced thanks to a leak being reported by UnwiredView.


The new leak gives details on the specification of the HTC M7 which looks set to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February. As always with these kind of leaks we can't guarantee their reliability, but we're pretty confident in this source.


Apparently, the HTC M7 will have a 4.7 inch touch-screen SoLux display that will run at a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels. That'll make it a full 1080p HD device and will give the HTC M7 a PPI of 468 , which is a whopping 40 per cent higher than the iPhone 5.


The new SoLus display will also have improved colour reproduction, better viewing angles and improved outdoor performance when compared to HTC's previous Super LCD2 displays. You'll need a power-packed mobile to run such a high resolution display and the HTC M7 doesn't disappoint because it'll have a quad-core 1.7 Ghz Snapdragon processor.


The processor is backed up by 2GB of RAM, which should be more than enough grunt to run Android Jelly Bean smoothly. The on-board memory comes in at 32GB, while the smartphone will also support 4G which opens up the possibility of it launching in the UK on EE.


HTC's M7 will also have a stunning 13 mega-pixel camera, a Beats Audio amplifier, stereo speakers, a front-facing 2 mega-pixel camera and a huge 2300 mAh battery. Even with that size battery we wouldn't expect battery life to be amazing, but we hope we're proved wrong.


3G will bring you any fresh information about the HTC M7 as soon as we hear more.



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