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HTC M7 - Flagship Android Smartphone Incoming ?

By Simon Thomas on 06th December 2012

HTC only recently launched the HTC DLX in Japan and the US . However, it now looks like they'll be launching another Android smartphone early next year.


The new smartphone, which is known as the HTC M7, will be HTC's flagship Android smartphone and aims to challenge Samsung's Galaxy S4. According to rumours being reported by HTCSource the HTC M7 will launch in the first quarter of 2013.


The information comes from sources inside HTC's supply chain and if they prove correct it'll mean that HTC's M7 will beat Samsung's Galaxy S4 to market by a good couple of months. HTC will be hoping they can build up some momentum in the time before Samsung's flagship smartphone enters the fray.


So what do we know about HTC's M7 ? Well, firstly we know it'll be a real powerhouse because any device planning to take-on Samsung's Galaxy S4 will need to have a high-end specification.


No concrete information exists regarding the exact specification , but the HTC M7 is rumoured to have a 5 inch touch-screen and will be powered by a quad-core processor.  Additionally, it's expected to have a 13 mega-pixel camera and it'll probably launch running Android Jelly Bean.


Things we can be pretty confident about are that the HTC M7 will come with Beats Audio technology and support for 4G, which opens up the possibility of it being available from EE in the UK. As soon as 3G hear more about the HTC M7 you'll be the first to know.



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