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Google Maps Returns To Apple Devices !

By Simon Thomas on 14th December 2012

Apple made the bold step of removing their dependence on Google's software earlier in the year when they released their own bespoke version of Apple Maps with iOS 6.


However, it backfired because the software came in for huge criticism for being inaccurate and generally far inferior to the previous version using Google's back-end. Apple apologised for the software and even went as far as suggesting that users should download third-party software.


The good news is that Google have now released Google Maps for Apple devices , which can be downloaded free Apple's App Store right now. Google Maps has been re-built from the ground-up to take full advantage of Apple's range of devices including the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad 4.


The new Google Maps application adds support for turn-by-turn voice navigation for the first time. This is a pretty significant new addition but now the only one because Google Maps also adds support for street-view, live traffic information and includes public transport information.


Google Maps has proven so popular with iOS users since it's release yesterday that its overload Apple's servers and has gone straight to the top of Apple's most-downloaded applications chart.


All of the other features you've come to expect are included in Google Maps and initial reviews of the software are incredibly positive. You can download Google Maps on your iOS device by clicking here.

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