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Google Maps For iOS Hits 10 Million Downloads

By Simon Thomas on 19th December 2012

Google released their Google Maps application on Apple iOS devices for the first time last week and the tech-giants have now unveiled that it hit 10 million downloads in just two days.


The information was revealed by Jeff Huber, Google Senior Vice President of Commerce and Local on Google Plus. The incredible download figures have put Google's software top of Apple's iTunes charts and makes it one of the most successful application launches of all time.


So why has Google Maps for iOS proved so popular ?


Well, the reason for the success of Google Maps is that Apple's bespoke maps software introduced in iOS 6 was a disaster. Apple used to rely on Google's back-end software, but they removed that reliance in iOS 6 and the results weren't as good as Apple might have hoped.


Infact, Apple issued an official apology for the software and even went as far as recommending users to download a third-party application until they have time to improve their own software. Apple Maps is currently very inaccurate and unreliable , which essentially means that its failing to do its primary job.


Ever since the release of the new version of Apple Maps owners of the iPhone, iPad and iPod have been waiting patiently for Google to release Google Maps on the iOS platform. That time came last week and thats why so many users have been downloading the application !


You can read all about the features of Google Maps for iOS by clicking here !

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