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Google Drive Adds Supports For Google Sheets

By Simon Thomas on 03rd December 2012

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service that enables users to store their documents, files and music remotely. Now Google have released a new version of the Google Drive application for Android which supports Google Sheets.


Google Sheets is a spreadsheet application which enables users to create and edit spreadsheets on their smartphone or tablet. All the features you'd expect are present including sorting, column resizing and support for different fonts.


The best thing about using Google Drive is that your files are available on multiple devices and you don't have the hassle of re-saving and transferring the files back and forth. Additionally, if you share the files with other they'll see updates in real-time.


Google have also added a couple of new features to Google Drive including better text formatting when pasting, the option to add home-screen widgets to Google Drive files and the option to edit text in tables.


All users get 5GB of free space on Google Drive which is a pretty generous amount and more than enough for saving your spreadsheets and work documents. While the service is available on the Android platform and iOS.


Currently the Google Sheets feature is only supported on the Android version of Google Drive, but we're sure it'll be added to the iOS version shortly. 3G will keep you updated when we hear more about any of Google's applications.

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