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Free WiFi In London's Black Cabs Next Year ?

By Simon Thomas on 11th December 2012

Free WiFi hotspots are being offered in more and more locations across the nation and now it looks like London's black cabs will offer free WiFi to travellers.


A new company, called Eyetease, have got approval to install hardware into London taxis which will enable them to act as mobile WiFi hotspots. The new service , called CabWiFi, has been in development for over 2 years already and should begin rolling out next year.

CabWiFi will then enable customers and cab drivers free access to WiFi with the service being funded by advertising. When first connecting a 15 second advert will play and then customers can enjoy 15 minutes of free WiFi.


Drivers will be happy to hear they get a separate login which will probably remove the barrage of adverts. They'll then be able to use the connection to use their taxi applications or satellite navigation software.


Eyetease are already thought to be in talks with a number of brands about sponsoring CabWiFi, which they expect to rollout early in 2013. 3G approves of all initiatives that offer free WiFi and can't wait for the day where were always connected whereever we go !

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