Facebook Photo Sync Now On Android And iOS !


Facebook Autosync

Facebook have been testing automatic photo syncing on its mobile application for some time. The good news is that the feature has now been included in the latest version of Facebook on iOS and Android.


Automatic photo syncing saves users time and effort by uploading their photos automatically to the social networking website. Those worried about data use and privacy will be pleased to hear that Facebook have taken steps to ensure that both are controllable.


Firstly, you can choose whether you want to sync your photos over WiFi, data or both. 3G recommends that the first time you sync you do it over WiFi and then later enable 3G and 4G syncing. While,  Facebook have put a maximum limit of 2GB uploading using auto-sync.


When your photos are uploaded using photosync they'll be placed into a private gallery where they'll need to be authorised before appearing on your profile. This ensures you don't unintentionally share photos not intended for public consumption.


Owners of Android or iOS devices (running iOS 6) can download the Facebook app right now which comes with support for photo syncing. 3G recommends users to take advantage of the new feature !

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By Simon Thomas on 03rd December, 2012

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