Facebook 2.0 Released On Android Devices !


Facebook 2.0

Social networks will be pleased to hear that Facebook have released a new version of their application for Android devices.


The new version, Facebook 2.0, is up to twice as fast as the previous version making it a worthwhile upgrade to users of the world's most popular social network. The new application is available to download free from Google Play right now !


Version 2.0 of the Facebook application launches significantly faster than its predecessor , while Google have also rebuilt the news feed , notifications and the Timeline.


Timeline is the area that has benefited most because it now loads at double speed. Additionally, when viewing the news feed you can tap on any photo to open it instantly without having to leave the news feed.


You can download Facebook 2.0 from Google Play by clicking here !

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By Simon Thomas on 17th December, 2012

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