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EE Outline The Major Business Benefits Of 4G

By Simon Thomas on 18th December 2012


EE have released a new video, which can be viewed above, outlining the major benefits business will gain from joining their network.


Naturally, that includes the fact that they are the only UK operator currently offering 4G in the UK.  The super-speed 4G network is perfect for businesses and is already available in 18 cities across the UK and will roll-out to 98 per cent of the UK by the end of next year.


A range of 4G smartphones , tablets and mobile broadband dongles are available to buy right now. The good news is that when you can't connect to 4G you'll still be able to use the UK biggest 3G network !


EE have developed some exclusive business features including "user-based data sharing" which enables users to share data with two other devices. Furthermore, "price-caps" are available which stop employees spending excessive amounts when using 4G LTE.


To compliment their 4G services EE are also offering amazing fibre-broadband , which is up to 10 times faster than the UK average. This makes EE the only choice for businesses looking for the best possible mobile and fixed broadband connections !


You can find out more in the video above which 3G has kindly posted for you !

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