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Blackberry 10 Smartphones Coming To Three, EE and Vodafone

By Simon Thomas on 20th December 2012

Back in November we heard rumours that RIM were going to be unveiling Blackberry 10 on January 30th. Now the information has been officially confirmed by Blackberry who will be launching the platform at 6 events across the globe.


The six events, which invites have been sent out for, will take place in New York, Toronto, Paris, Johannesburg and London. At the event Blackberry will be unveiling their new operating system and the devices that will launch the platform.


Previous rumours suggest they'll be unveiling two smartphones with the first being the Blackberry L-Series (or London) and the second being a full QWERTY smartphone. Both are expected to be premium smartphones , although at the current time we have no concrete information about either.


Since the invites were sent out a number of UK operators have announced that they'll be stocking Blackberry 10 smartphones. Three, EE, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile have all confirmed that they'll be offering RIM's new smartphone range.


The fact that EE are going to stock the smartphone tell us that one of the Blackberry 10 smartphones will support 4G. That's new information to us and we're pretty excited by the thought of sending emails and using BBM with a 4G connection.


3G will bring you all the news from the London event on January 30th, so keep posted to find out all about RIM's new smartphones and operating system.

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