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Asus To Launch An Affordable 7 Inch Tablet !

By Simon Thomas on 03rd December 2012

Asus have already manufactured the Nexus 7 tablet for Google which offers amazing value and has quickly become a best seller. However, it now looks like they are producing an even more affordable Android tablet.


A new Asus tablet has appeared over on the GLBenchmark website code-named the Asus ME-172V. The tablet runs on the Android Jelly Bean operating system and features a touch-screen running at a resolution of 1024 x 552 pixels.


The benchmarks also show the processor running between speeds of 600 Mhz and 1GHz which highlights the affordable nature of the tablet. Crave are reporting that the device is likely to be the affordable Asus 7 inch tablet leaked a couple of weeks ago which is expected to be priced under $100.


Any tablet priced around £60 would be a truly amazing achievement and we could see it quickly becoming one of the best selling tablets. It would be particularly suitable for parents looking to buy their children a tablet which doesn't cost the world.


At the current time we don't have anymore details about the Asus ME-172V, but it goes without saying that its likely to have a limited feature set. However, even with what we know so far it's looking it could potentially be the best value mobile device in the world.


As soon as 3G hear more about Asus's affordable tablet you'll be the first to know.



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