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Apple's Share of 4G Market Growing Quickly !

By Simon Thomas on 11th December 2012

4G smartphones have been on sale for quite some time already in the States, Japan Korea and a couple of other regions. However, Apple didn't launch a compatible 4G smartphone until September , which gave Samsung a dominant lead in the market.


Apple are now making up for last time and have already become an established force in the 4G smartphone market thanks to the success of the iPhone 5 (pictured above). New figures from Strategy Analytics shows that Apple now command a 26.7% per cent of the global 4G smartphone market.


Apple's rise in the market saw Samsung's share drop over 10 per cent in the last quarter down to 40 per cent. This still makes them the dominant force in the 4G LTE market, but the question is for how long ?


There are many other players in the market including LG who had a 9.1 per cent share of the 4G market in the last quarter. While, other manufacturers are launching 4G-enabled mobiles including Nokia, Sony and HTC.


3G doesn't seen any reason why the normal smartphone manufacturers shouldn't dominant the 4G smartphone market in the long term. However, there are opportunities for other brands to gain prominence while the market develops.

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