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Apple iPad 4G and iPad Mini 4G Now On EE !

By Simon Thomas on 07th December 2012

EE are the only operator offering 4G in the UK ,  so those looking to get their hands on a 4G iPad only  have one choice !


The good news is that both the 4G iPad 4 and the 4G iPad Mini are now available to buy from EE. Obviously, you can connect to 3G networks in places where 4G is yet to rollout , so it's also a good idea to pickup the 4G version to be future-proofed.


EE's 4G tariffs are the same on both the iPad Mini and iPad 4 with only the upfront cost differing. The lowest price 12 month tariff costs £25.99 and gets you 3GB of data with upfront costs of £249.99 for the full iPad or £149.99 for the iPad Mini.


Those looking for more data might want to checkout the £30.99 tariff which gets you 5GB of data or the £35.99 deal which gets you 8GB of data per month. The upfront cost of the iPad 4 is then £199.99 or £149.99 on the two deals respectively, while the iPad Mini will set you back £99.99 or £49.99.


EE have also made both iPad's available on 30 day contracts, but as you'd expect the upfront fees of the tablets are pretty high.


The 3GB tariff costs £15.99 a month and you'll need to pay £449.99 for the iPad 4 or £339.99 for the iPad Mini. 5GB and 8GB tariffs are available for £20.99 a month and 8Gb for £25.99 with the upfront fees remaining the same.


Those not bothered about 4G connectivty might want to check out Three's  amazing iPad deals available by clicking here.

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