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Gingerbread Still The Dominant Android Version !

By Simon Thomas on 05th December 2012

Google have released the latest report to developers documenting the number of active devices worldwide running on the relative versions of the Android platform.


Google monitored devices accessing Google Play in a 14 day period and found that Android Gingerbread remains the most prevalent version of Google's operating system. Infact, it still commanded a 50.6 per cent share although this does represent a 5 per cent drop since October.


Second place was claimed by Android Ice Cream Sandwich which has slowly been making it's way onto smartphones and tablets. The end result has been a 27.5 per cent share of active devices according to Google's figures.


Android Froyo was the third most prevalent operating system and still commanded a share of over 10 per cent. We presume this is due to the number of affordable smartphones in the world, as well as those who don't update their smartphones.


The latest version of Android, Jelly Bean, then comes in 4th place with a combined share of 6.7 per cent. We expect it to continue to grow over the next couple of months, but Google would have expected it to roll-out faster than it has.


Google are always keen to get their latest version of Android rolled out to as many devices as possible. However, there is such a huge amount of devices on the market all with different specifications that it's become an impossible task and for that reason 3G expect the fragmentation to continue long-term.


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