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Samsung Unveil Galaxy S3 Premium Suite Features !

By Simon Thomas on 10th December 2012

Samsung only just released Android 4.1.2 for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and now they've unveiled what new features will be included when the Premium Suite gets released for the smartphone.


The Samsung Premium Suite is a set of new features and enhancements that were first included in the Galaxy Note II. The release of the Premium Suite on the Galaxy S3 will significantly improve Samsung's smartphone.



The two videos , posted in this article, give an overview of the new features included in Samsung's Premium Suite. One such feature is support for "Multi-Window" which enables users to have two different applications open in two windows at the same time.


A novel new feature is "Page Buddy" which predicts what you plan to do on your smartphone. For example, after connecting headphones your smartphone will automatically open your music collection.



A whole host of camera improvements are included in Samsung's Premium Suite including a new "Low-Light Shot" function, "Paper Artist" mode and "Best Face" which takes 5 consecutive shots and lets you choose the best face for each person pictured.


Sharing photos with others is now even easier thanks to the new ‘Auto Share Shot’ mode , which enables users to quickly share videos or photos using NFC. While, you can also now tag photos automatically with the date, location and the weather thanks to "Contextual Tagging".


Other new improvements include the ability to change the balance of headphones, "Reader Mode" which enables users to easily change the text-size in the browser and the ability to view Facebook updates on your lock-screen.


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