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Fresh Blackberry L-Series Images Leaked !

By Simon Thomas on 12th December 2012

RIM are you going to unveil Blackberry 10 and the smartphones that will launch the platform at the end of January. Initially two smartphones ere expected to unveiled which are the Blackberry L-Series (or London) and the Blackberry N-Series which has a QWERTY keyboard.


We've heard plenty of information about the Blackberry L-Series in the past and now fresh images of the smartphone have been leaked online. The images, which can be viewed above and below, highlight the simple but stunning design RIM have adopted.

Blackberry L-Series


The images also give us an idea of some of the features of the Blackberry L-Series including that it'll  have a 1800 mAH battery , support for microSD cards and NFC. Additionally, you can spot that it'll have a volume rocker and both micro-USB and micro-HDMI ports.


We still don't have any official confirmation of the specification of Blackberry's L-Series smartphone. However, previous leaks have suggested that it'll have a 4.2 inch touch-screen running at a resolution of 1280*720 pixels.

Blackberry L-Series Back


Additionally, the L-Series is expected to be powered by a TI OMAP4 processor, have 1GB of RAM , 16GB of on-board memory and an 8 mega-pixel camera. Obviously, it'll also benefit from all the stunning new features of Blackberry 10 !


As soon as 3G hear any new information about any of Blackberry's new smartphones or the Blackberry 10 platform we'll let you know !



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