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Samsung Hit 300 Million Sales This Year

By Simon Thomas on 22nd December 2011

Samsung have announced that they've sold 300 million mobile phones in 2011.


This is the first time Samsung have ever hit the benchmark figure and shows just how well Samsung have done this year.  Overall Samsung sold more phones in 2011 than Apple and are only the second company to ever to reach 300 million sales in a year, with Nokia being the only other company.


The huge success is down to a number of devices , but the best performing by far is the Samsung Galaxy SII which has broken numerous sales records and won multiple awards.


Other noticeable successes include the Samsung Wave smartphones which offer a more affordable smartphone experience and continue to sell well across the world. With the Samsung Wave 3 recently released we don't this changing anytime soon !


Another device hitting the headlines it the Samsung Galaxy Note, which is a tablet / smartphone hybrid with a 5.3 inch touch-screen. It only launched in October and Samsung hope it'll prove a huge success in the coming months.


Samsung will be hoping that they continue to break records in 2012 and with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy SIII in 2012 we expect them to do just that.

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