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Honeycomb Not Android 3.0

By Jeff Baker on 20th December 2010

Well up to now everyone has been saying that Version 3.0 of Android would be called Honeycomb. However, according to rumours, Honeycomb may actually be Android 2.4.


The current version of Android is 2.3 ( Gingerbread ) will be seen for the first time in the new Google Nexus S which is being offered on pre-order from the Carphone Warehouse. A price drop for the SIM free version has just been made. More here.


The news regarding the fact that Honeycomb may well be Android 2.4 and not 3.0 comes from AndroidandMe. This snippet was passed to AndroidandMe by a third party developer in the know.


There's little news on what improvements come with Honeycomb but we know its tailored for tablets such as the Motorola tablet which Google's Andy Rubin had with him at a recent mobile conference. The full facts about Honeycomb may well be released at the Mobile World Congress in February.


As soon as we hear more we will certainly post it here.


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